Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Vacation

The idea came as we were returning home from another round of appointments. Some of our symptoms were weighing heavily on my mind, but with each passing mile, I was calmed by the golds, oranges, pinks and reds that paint the roadsides in a northern Michigan fall. Grammy and friends had enjoyed a color tour earlier in the week. Were we up to a similar trip?

For the past eight years, our road trips have been reserved for appointments. As a casualty of our seemingly endless medical sagas, I realized our daughters had never been to Tahquamenon Falls, a few hours north. The girls are pros at travel and I bounced the idea off my husband because he would need to help with driving. Falling leaves prompted our decision and he spent extra time on homework yesterday, making the idea reality. This morning we headed north. Even our Border Collie was excited at the prospect of a sunny day spent together.

The girls' enthusiasm when crossing the Mackinaw bridge bubbled over, making us both smile. We stretched our legs at the Cut River Bridge, and our youngest exclaimed, "I've never gone across a bridge where it wasn't to go to an appointment! Today, it is like a real vacation because I can just have fun!"

Bless her heart. Miles passed as we sang songs from GLEE, soothing a few rocky moments.

Today we took a vacation. A vacation from school, demands of home, and Lyme. We thrilled in the gorgeous colors of fall and the wonders of the Upper Peninsula. For my husband, it brought back fond memories of a biological sampling trip years ago. For me, memories of trips to Michigan Tech. For our daughters, our mini vacation provided the wonder of possibility. Special memories were created for all of us!

It felt so good to capture a bit of the magic of living, the joy reflected in our faces. What a blessing to have traveled this far in our healing so we could enjoy today! Never has the importance of living in the moment been more clear to me. Wishing you a wonderful magical fall and sending you our very best!