Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Side of Lyme

It feels so good to be home. The warm water of pool therapy is fabulous, as is the FIR infrared sauna. I am loving the sauna! What a great addition to my wellness! The trick is not to overdo. To listen to my body. When I forget, my husband gently reminds me. Sometimes though, life makes rest impossible. We have had a crazy week. Our oldest daughter fell and broke her elbow on Saturday. As if that wasn't enough, our youngest started running a fever Saturday night, asthma flaring. The fight was on.

Whenever she gets sick, she gets really sick. This was the sickest she's been this winter, including H1N1, though the Tamiflu helped weather that storm. Fevers spiked to 104.8°F several nights and twice during the day Wednesday. Her asthma flared, prompting a new inhaler and treatments every 2-3 hours. On Wednesday we added a decongestant, an additional antibiotic and alternated Tylenol with Motrin. Her fever broke early Thursday morning. Now we're reigning in the asthma. I think we will escape prednisone, a drug we really want to avoid with the Lyme disease.

Respiratory infections have been a challenge since birth. When she was little, we would cringe if anyone sneezed or coughed in a room, knowing that within hours we would be nebulizing. When she was 18 months, we nearly lost her to RSV when she stopped breathing at home. Her elementary school has been wonderful about taking precautions to lesson her chance of infection. She is a great sick kid, going with the flow. She always has been, but in her letter to her teacher last night, she wrote, "I miss the class. It is not fun missing all the fun."

Hopefully, she'll rejoin the fun Monday. Another storm weathered as we bid winter and this infection good bye. Sending you all our best!