Monday, February 14, 2011

A great day!

On 2-11-2011, as Egypt celebrated, I was quietly celebrating what would become one of my best birthdays ever! Our daughter and her science teacher invited me to the classroom to teach a chemistry song, a former student of mine had written years ago. I hung out for a bit of their lab before heading to a wonderful lunch with the dearest of friends. I mixed a gallon of slime for the school carnival and it was there I received my third amazing present!

Three years ago, the carnival was too much for our youngest. She walked into the gym and was completely overwhelmed by the people, the games, the noise. In panic, she asked to go home. With much encouragement, she played the Plinko game in the farthest corner. Two years ago, after her recent diagnosis of cerebral Lyme disease, she missed carnival altogether when she was downstate for a picc line. Last year, I was downstate for treatment, so it was pure pleasure to watch her completely embrace this year's carnival! She had the confidence to play games with friends, have her face painted, won a goldfish coupon when she tossed a ping pong ball in a bowl, and even mustered the courage to do the cake walk until she won. Only I needed to sit and rest. She continued strong to the end. She was so excited and on the way home declared it, "One of my best days ever!"

I have to say, though I was completely spent and rested much of the weekend, it was truly one of my best birthdays, too!!!