Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Strength, Peace and Grace

Winter is always harder for me. I love it's beauty, but the cold weather brings increased pain and a flare in symptoms. Sleep, medications, cranial-sacral work with acupuncture, a FAR infrared sauna, and a gluten free diet have been my allies in the battle to maintain the ground I've gained.

Our daughters are fighting their own battles. Our 13 year old is wrestling with the pain of arthritis in her spine as we wrestle with how best to help her. Our 8 year old suffered more hearing loss a few weeks ago. Was it the result of drug ototoxicity or a respiratory infection? By waiting a bit to write about this, I can also report that she has regained some hearing. Ototoxicity does not appear to be the factor and she has returned to the drug that was helping her greatly, with careful monitoring. Medication adjustments for both girls brought new herxes and our journey continues.

The chronic Lyme journey brings difficult decisions. Do the benefits of a medication outweigh the risks? Which is more important, sleep or physical therapy; sleep or homework? No book helps you field statements like, "Mommy, I don't understand. When you're not feeling well, I always let you lie down, but when I'm not feeling well, you send me to school," uttered on her first morning back after missing a week of school for a respiratory infection.

My daughter did make it to school that day, after I reminded her how very brave she is.

Sometimes life is messy. It's difficult. We do our best and celebrate the blessings. Wishing you strength, peace and grace as you face life's challenges.