Thursday, October 25, 2012

The BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!

Our girls. Our amazing girls! Their courage and perseverance inspiring! This past weekend our oldest daughter rose above the pain of complex regional pain syndrome in her right hand, with the help of her pain specialist and acupuncturist, to compete in her award winning marching band's final two competitions. Little Sis, who has been wrestling with neurological complications from the syrinxes in her spinal cord braved the trip to cheer her on.

There is no such thing as an easy day. Chronic Lyme brings a multitude of challenges and each case unique. One child with serious health issues is enough to turn your world upside down. Two almost overwhelming. This week my own health pushed me to the brink, yet when I picked up my daughter's iPad, a reminder she had left for herself splashed across the screen, "Today is the BEST DAY  EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It is the final rehearsal for Narnia tonight and she is a fairy. A reminder once again that you're most challenging days can still be your very best!!

I really needed that reminder today. My tower of cards has crashed yet again. A week and a half ago I injured my left knee. On Sunday, my right knee gave out under the additional strain. I have had multiple ACL reconstructions and meniscus repairs on the right knee in the past. I'm facing surgery again, likely multiple surgeries. I don't remember if I've ever written about hypermobility syndrome, mixed connective tissue disease and Lyme? It's a chicken-egg kind of thing. Does hypermobility and MCTD make you more susceptible to the effects of Lyme or does Lyme weaken your connective tissue? At this point in my life, the answer makes little difference. When my knee gave out on Sunday, our cantata rehearsal was just beginning. The pain excruciating. I couldn't move without screaming so I stayed in my chair. As the choir, most unaware of my predicament, stood and began singing, "Where hope was lost, a seed was found; a tender shoot, from barren ground," the tears, tucked deep inside, quietly spilled over. Today, they spilled again, but Lil Sis is right. It can still be the best day ever. It just takes extra effort to make it so!!

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